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Although Valley Cleaners has been located on this site for many years, I took over the business in 2010.

My name is Susan Camilleri, proud owner of Valley Cleaners.  There is more than simply hard work to operate this business, and I might add, any other business as well. You got to love it! and I do.

In addition to hard work and loving what you do, you know the adage “a bar is only as good as the bartender” I could not have had the success I have had if it were not for my co-worker Angela and her husband James.


Over the past 10 years doing business here, my staff and I have been honored to create a strong and honest relationship with our customers.

Thank you to all our customers to trust us and support.

We look forward to serving you dry-clean or laundry needs, and alterations so do not hesitate to give us a try.

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